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Your wedding invitation to do list

Your wedding invitation to do list

When you are planning a wedding, please be kind to yourself when you start feeling overwhelmed because you are planning quite a large event irrelevant to the guest list size.

There are many elements involved with a wedding and they are mostly all emotional decisions because it is your wedding and not a corporate dinner for the local bank.

One of those elements is sending out your wedding invitations which ultimately makes everything official and also means you need to have a few key tasks planned and questions answered.

To help you get planned, here is your to do list that you need to complete before you send out your wedding invitations.

1. Draft your guest list

List down everyone who must be invited to figure out how many guests you will have.

Start the guest list as soon as you can as it can take some time to agree on the final list with your fiance and also with both sets of your parents.

  • Family (Immediate & Distant)
  • Friends
  • Work Colleagues
  • Plus Ones
  • Family Friends / Friends of Parents
  • Children

For help with creating your guest list, check out this blog post.

2. Decide where and when your wedding will be held?
  • Ceremony venue
  • Ceremony time
  • Reception venue
  • Reception time
3. Decide on whether you are having an adult only ceremony or reception?

If you are having a child-free wedding, you may need to include a small instruction within your wedding invitation

See here for how to say ‘No kids are invited’

4. Finalise your guest list

After you have completed your draft guest list (above), revise this until you have the final guest list.

Calculate how many couples/families you need to invite

Obtain all of your guest names & addresses

5. Decide who is hosting your wedding

Either your parents (or both), “together with your parents/families” or from you the couple

6. Choose a dress code

Generally, weddings have a cocktail or formal dress code.

7. Will you have a wishing well or a gift registry?

A wishing well is a secure box that you have at the reception for your guests to place envelopes containing their greeting card and a gift of money.

It is quite common to help advise your guests what type of gift you would prefer (money or a physical gift) and add a card into your wedding invitation that explains this.

8. Will your guests need accommodation or travel directions?

This generally applies to a destination wedding and information for this can be explained on an information card inside your wedding invitation suite.

9. Are you planning to have a pre or post wedding event?

If you are, this can be explained on an information card inside your wedding invitation suite.

You can also ask guests to advise their attendance for this event via the main RSVP card.

10. Will you promote a hashtag for your guests photos posted on social media?

If yes, you can explain this on an information card inside your wedding invitation suite

11. Choose your wedding theme

This will help you decide on the style of invitation you have as the invitation sets the tone for the entire wedding.

Your theme can be based on a colour, a season, a feeling, venue location or an element within your wedding.

This doesn’t need to be perfect either, it’s just a good guide to get an overall feel for your wedding.

If you can’t decide on a theme, choose a neutral / bridal white wedding invitation - this will go with any wedding style.

12. Work out the timings for when to
  • Order your wedding invitations - 5 months before your wedding date
  • Send your wedding invitations - 3 to 4 months before your wedding date
  • Set your RSVP reply date - 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date