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How to design your wedding menu cards

How to design your wedding menu cards

When planning a wedding, every little detail counts, including the menu cards at each guest's place setting. These functional items not only inform your guests about the food being served but also enhance the style of the tables throughout the reception.

Need help creating your wedding guest menus? Here are few easy tips to help you bring them together.

Start with Your Theme:
Think about the theme of your wedding. Is it classic, modern, rustic, or romantic? Choose fonts, colours, and shapes that match this theme. For instance, script writing looks great for a formal wedding, while clean sans-serif fonts suit a contemporary celebration.

Pick the Right Colours:
Colours play a significant role in setting the mood of the room. Opt for colours that complement your wedding palette. Soft pastels like blush, ivory, and sage exude a romantic charm, whereas crisp black and white is more chic and classic. If you are stuck on selecting a mood, try using colours that coordinate with your flowers or decorations for a cohesive look.

Keep the Layout Simple:
Make sure the menu cards are easy to read. Keep food item descriptions short and sweet. Highlight each main meal clearly so it is easy to follow, and label each meal with the relevant dietary requirements such as DF (dairy-free) or GF (gluten-free).

Shape and Size:
The most common menu size is DL or 12cm x 18cm, which allows you to choose from many different shape options. For example, the Arch shape is perfect for a soft and romantic vibe, while something a bit more edgy like the Half Ripple design or 15-Degree design adds a modern touch.

Make it Personal:
Add your guests' names on each menu, either printed directly or layered with a coordinating place card, to make each guest feel welcomed when they take their seat. You can also personalise each menu with your names or initials at the top, or even include a short message to your guests.

To sum it up, designing beautiful wedding menu cards is all about matching the theme, choosing the right colours, keeping it simple, adding personal touches, and getting inspired by different styles. With these tips, you’ll create stunning menu cards that add a special flair to your wedding celebration.

Use the White Cherry Invitations website to build your wedding menus exactly how you would like them. Font designs, colours, and shapes are all included in the price and can be customised to fit your needs.

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