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How to ask guests to RSVP digitally

How to ask guests to RSVP digitally

If you're sending out wedding invitations, one of the most important features of your invitation suite is telling your guests when and how to respond with their attendance.

At the end of the day, you are organising an event and with any event, you need to have an idea of who and how many people are coming.

The traditional way of requesting a guest to RSVP is by sending back a physical card in the post; either inside a self addressed, stamped return envelope or via an RSVP card designed like a postcard.

Nowadays, I see couples requesting their guests to RSVP digitally, either online or via email or text.

Here are a few ways you can ask your guests to RSVP digitally;

1. Use a QR code

Do you have a wedding website with RSVP capabilities, or even a google form that you can set up to capture your guests RSVP details?

If yes, then you can add a QR code to a details card inside your invitation suite. Your guests simply scan the QR code which will take them to your desired online location.

2. Ask guests to email or text you

You can simply ask your guests to RSVP by sending you an email or text message. You can do this by including your email address and phone number on a details card.

I would also provide instructions to your guests to prompt them on the information you need from them, such as their attendance status, their full names and their dietary requirements.


The best way to include the above instructions is via a separate details card but if you wanted to squeeze the QR code or contact details on the main invitation card, you could do this too - just be mindful of it looking a little crowded.

3. Create a multipurpose RSVP card

By creating a physical RSVP card, you can design this so it can be posted back in the mail or a photo of it can be emailed or texted to you.

This way, you take care of your older guests who would prefer to post the card back by including a self addressed, stamped envelope in their invitation suites only. For everyone else, they can complete the card, take a photo of it and email or text it back to you.