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Why you might need to order spare invitations

Why you might need to order spare invitations

After you have finalised the guest list and you’ve got the total amount of how many invitations you need, the next question is how many spare invitations should you order on top of this?

Tip: remember you only need 1 invitation per household, couple or if a guest is single.

Do you need spares?

Maybe, maybe not, you are probably thinking you don’t as your guest list is pretty rock solid, however before you confirm everything with your stationer, please take a read below as to why you might want to add a few extra invitations to your order.

Reasons you might need spare invitations

  • Invitations do get lost in the mail. It happens and yes, it is annoying. It can happen for a lot of reasons (wrong address or an issue at the receivers’ end).
  • you forgot to invite someone - yep happens sooooo much more than you think it does
  • you meet your new BFF and know in your heart that it’s the right thing to have them there.
  • your parents want to invite more people. You may not agree, but sometimes the argument just isn't worth it. Pick your battles.
  • you may have a high number of guests unable to attend and you want to send out invitations to a ‘B’ list
  • your and/or your family may want keepsakes of your special day.
    Note: All invitation orders of 20 invites or more with White Cherry Invitations automatically receive a FREE keepsake, so keep this in mind if you order with White Cherry Invitations.

So how many spare invitations do you need to order?

It always good to order approximately 10% of your total invitation quantity as spares to accommodate for lost invitations in the post or for additional people you may need to invite later on.

Then for keepsakes and on the day photos order 2-3 invitations which are kept safely tucked away in your wedding day glory box.

If you feel that the above is too many, then arrange for at least 3 - 5 invitations which might just get you through.

Note: If you choose NOT to order more than what is on your guest list, please know that it can be time consuming and expensive to order a small number of invitations at a later date.

See below an example calculator on how many invitations to order if you have 100 guests.

Total Guest Count - 100
Invitations as per guest list (roughly 60%) - 60
Spares (10%) - 6
Wedding Day Photos & Keepsakes - 3

Total = 69

In conclusion, of course you can order however many invitations you want and stick strictly to your guest list quantity only. Just please keep in mind that if you require a few more at a later date that it could take a few weeks to turn them around, you may be subjected to a minimum print fee and/or your card stock & envelope colours could be out of stock at the time.

Let’s face it, wedding planning is stressful and for the cost of a few extra invitations, you could eliminate the panic of needing more quickly and attracting an unwanted expense due to rush fees and minimum print runs.

Until next time
Bel x