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What to include on an information card

What to include on an information card

Do you need to add an information card to your wedding invitation suite?

Not every wedding will require an information insert card however if there is a possibility your guests could face a problem with attending your wedding, you might need to add one to your invitation suite.

See below a list of questions you should ask yourself to determine if your guests may need further information to make attending your wedding (event!) easier.

Ask yourself these questions?
  • Is your wedding ceremony and reception in two different locations?
  • Are you having a destination wedding?
  • Do you need to assist your guests with accommodation and travel options?
  • Is access to your wedding ceremony or reception difficult to get to?
  • Is parking limited at your ceremony or reception venues?
  • Are you arranging bus transportation for your guests to arrive and depart your wedding?
  • Are you hosting any pre or post wedding events?
  • Are you having an adult only wedding ceremony and/or reception?
If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will most likely need to include an information card.

What you can include on an information card
There are no rules for what you can have on an information card. It can include details about one thing or multiple pieces of information.

Below are the different details you can include on your information card

Accommodation options
Here are a few different reasons to list accommodation options for your guests
  • so they can take advantage of any discounts you acquired due to blocking out a certain number of rooms
  • they may want to book where the majority of other guests are staying
  • arranged guest transport may have designated pick up / drop off locations for guests staying in certain accommodations

Parking details
As some of your guests will be driving to your wedding, help them understand where they can park their car for the ceremony and/reception especially if there are

  • designated areas or limited parking
  • street parking only
  • paid parking
  • no parking onsite, however parking options available a short distance away and walking may be required

Guest transport details
You may need to arrange for bus shuttles if your venue has limited parking, is hard to access or because there may not a lot of taxi's available where you are getting married.

Use this card to provide the location and timings of pick up & departure

This is a nice touch if your ceremony and reception is located in 2 different locations a long distance from each other

However keep in mind that with the access to technology and maps in everyone’s phones, that you may not need to provide a road map

The type of map that could be very helpful is if you need to provide specific directions within a resort or to an outdoor ceremony at a reserve that involves some walking

Pre / Post wedding events
Provide location and timings for the “pre wedding drinks” or “day after brunch” that you would like guests to attend

Destination wedding information
Which can include a lot of the other points that are mentioned in this list, plus
  • Flights & accommodation booking details including any arranged transfers
  • Details regarding the locale
  • Expected weather for that time of year
  • No gift request due to the expense of them travelling for your big day, your presence is present enough

Wet weather details
If you are having an outdoor ceremony, this might be a good time to explain to your guests that there might be a change in venue on the day.

It might be best not to tell your guests of the finer details for the wet weather plan however using this card to ask them to provide you with a mobile number on the day will allow you be in touch with them on the day if you need to let them know of a venue change.

Gift requests
You can add your wishing well poem or gift registry details to your information card if you have other information details to communication. This will then save you having a separate wishing well card.

Other Instructions
You can also use this card to advise of any other instructions you may want to tell your guests, such as

  • unplugged wedding request
  • the wedding hashtag for guests posting photos to social media

No children
If you have decided that you don't want children to attend your wedding, you will need to communicate this to your guests. 

Even if you only have the parents names on the invitation, they may presume that their children are invited.

Suggestions on how to word this can be found here

Wedding Website
If you have one, definitely mention this at the bottom of your information card so you can include all of the finer details regarding the above points on the website.


So as you can see there is a lot of information you can provide on this card, however it is not essential to include this if there isnt a real problem that may confuse or cause issues for your guests. 

If I have missed anything, please comment below!

Until next time
Bel x