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What details go on the save the date card?

What details go on the save the date card?

This week's question is ..... What details need to go on the save the date card?

Firstly, it is good to note that you should send your save the date cards to your guests approximately 8 - 12 months before your wedding date or as soon as you can.

I then suggest that the wedding invitation should be sent to your guests around 3 - 4 months before your wedding date.

When it comes to designing your save the date cards, below are the following 5 details that should be included (with a bonus 6th option).

- The title “Save The Date"
- Guest Names
- The Date
- The Location (either the venue specifically or the suburb)
- A sentence stating that “The formal invitation will follow”
- Accommodation booking details (optional)

Please note that the save the date card is the first formal piece of information that your guests will be receiving about your wedding so it's vital that your guest list is finalised before you send out your save the date cards. When a guest receives a save the date to a wedding, then they are assumed invited.

It is also important to include guest names on your save the date cards so it is crystal clear who you are actually inviting. It will make it known if it is a child-free wedding, or if a plus one will be extended or not.

The guest names on the save the date should then be exactly the same on the formal invitation when it is sent.

For the location, the purpose of what you put here is so your guests can plan any travel arrangements or extended time off that might be required to attend. Most couples put the name of the reception venue as this is what guests will base their accommodation bookings around. Otherwise, if you don’t want to mention the venue specifically, including the suburb or a very close main city will be ok.

Just remember that your guests will need to book travel arrangements around this information, so think of this before you decide what to put here.

If you are going to mention accommodation options on your save the date, this is because you have been able to secure a group discount that you are able to pass onto your guests, or possibly because your wedding celebrations will be centred around a particular venue that has adjoining accommodation.

Another good reason to mention selected accommodation options is because of the planned transport you will be providing to your guests and if your guests are staying at certain accommodation locations, the process of picking them up and dropping them off will be seamless.

I hope you found this helpful with planning your save the date cards.

As always, if you have any questions - please contact me directly via email at hello@whitecherryinvitations.com.au and I'll get right back to you!

Until next time ...

Bel x