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How to prepare your guest list for your wedding invitations

How to prepare your guest list for your wedding invitations

You have finally created your wedding guest list, you’ve checked it twice and even consulted the parentals in finalising the list.

If you need help creating your guest list, check out this blog here

But is it ready to use? Is it prepared for your wedding invitations?

Preparing your guest list so it is ready for your stationer to create your wedding invitations is easy, but very necessary to ensure it is completed before your guest list can be used.

Here is what you need to do:

Group the guest names that will go on each invitation

If your list is a long list of separate names, you will need to put the couple's names together in one cell. I.e. Sarah & Adam

Do the same thing for a family and also keep all “single” people by themselves.

Once you have done this, you will get an exact number of how many invitations you actually need.

Confirm first names for the invitation printing

On the guest spreadsheet, you will need to create 2 columns for the names. One for the invitation printing and one for the envelope printing.

For the invitation printing, you will need to confirm the correct spelling of every guest’s first name.

Tip: Get your parents to triple-check the spelling of any of their friends' names.
If you get stuck on the spelling of someone's name, check their profile on Facebook first before bothering to check with them over message.

Confirm full names for the envelope printing

For the envelope printing, this is where the full names, title names, or family names are required. Such as:

  • Sarah Jones & Adam Smith
  • Mr & Mrs Smith
  • The Smith Family

    Confirm the full addresses for the envelope printing

    You will need to obtain the full postal addresses for each envelope that will be printed and ensure that the house number, street address, suburb, and postcode are all spelled correctly.

    Tip: Once you have the address, paste the address into google maps to ensure it is correct. If you find a discrepancy, ask your guest to clarify.

    Also check that you have spelled the likes of these words correctly: Crescent, Parade, Boulevard 

    Oh and finally, please make sure that every single address has the state mentioned, even if you are sending within your own state.

    In saying all of the above, please know White Cherry Invitations sends you a guest list template to complete with all of the correct headings to fill in.

    You can download a free copy for yourself here: