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How to make sure your guests RSVP to your wedding

How to make sure your guests RSVP to your wedding

One of the most frustrating parts of planning a wedding is guests not replying to your wedding invitation and you need to spend time chasing their attendance.

You will find nearly every couple experiences this frustration. Why do guests not RSVP on time or even at all?

Well I guess it is because of a range of things such as not knowing if they’ll be able to attend at the time they receive your invitation and then they genuinely forget to reply.

Or because they need to check their work schedule, their personal plans, whether they can secure a babysitter or they need to figure out if they can afford to go, especially if travel is involved. Then for couples and families, the above will need to be checked for each family member too!

But in saying all of that, deciding whether to attend or not can generally be made very quickly.

The process of sending back an RSVP reply can also be part of the problem. Below I will share what you can do to help your guests send back their RSVP’s.

1. Tell your guests how to respond

On the RSVP card, put a sentence at the bottom stating what they should do to send back their response. Such as “Please return this card via the enclosed envelope” or "Please return this card or advise your attendance via email or phone”

2. Include a self addressed envelope within your invitation set.

If they don’t have an envelope to put the card into, this can cause a delay with your guests having to find a small envelope so they can return the card in the post.

3. Include a postage stamp on every RSVP reply envelope or RSVP postcard
Not many people have a spare postage stamp lying around. I highly recommend including a postage stamp for a prompt reply.

4. Give your guests enough time to plan and respond
The more time you give your guests to respond, the more time they will have to plan to attend and ultimately tell you so. Especially if they will need to book accommodation and include that information in their replies.

Send your invitations out at least 3-4 months before your wedding or 6-8 months for a destination wedding.

5. Include your email address or mobile number
If you feel like a guest won’t send back their RSVP card, they may respond quicker if you include your email address or phone number as another alternative.

6. RSVP via your wedding website
Instead of an RSVP card, direct your guests to reply via your wedding website if you have one. You can include the instructions for this on a details card inside your invitation suite.

7. Mention the RSVP date in multiple locations
By including the RSVP date in multiple locations such as on the invitation card, the RSVP card and even possibly the details card, it won’t be missed.

8. Get creative and make your RSVP card fun!
Whilst “Yes, I/we can attend” & “I/We regretfully decline” do the job, they’re not that fun are they. Different ways to word your RSVP card can be like:
“Ready to dance” / “Party On Without Us”
“Can’t wait to celebrate” / “Sad to miss all the fun”

I hope you found this helpful as you plan to send out your invitations and gather your guest RSVP’s. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me (Belinda) directly on

Until next time
Bel x

how to make sure your guests RSVP to your wedding