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Do you need a menu for every wedding guest?

Do you need a menu for every wedding guest?

Having a sit-down wedding reception? Then I highly recommend displaying a menu at every guest place setting!

Here's why!

1. Guests love to know what they are going to eat

It's so nice when you have your own menu right in front of you to read, to take it all in and relish the food that is to come. It will also be referred back to time and time again in anticipation of the next course.

It's also a good time for when partners will want to "discuss" who is having what dish if each course is being served as an alternate drop.

It can be annoying when you have to share the menu with 7-9 other guests on the table or it's out of reach when you want to know which cocktail to get next.

2. It makes the styling POP ✨

When every place setting has a menu on the plate, it really helps the table styling to pop! Choose a menu with a bit of colour to complement the colour of your florals, tableware and napkins!

3. Get creative and style your menus with the place cards

If you are having a sit-down wedding reception, then you need to consider having place cards so guests know where they are sitting and also so the caterer knows where the guests with dietary requirements are located.

Place cards can be placed above the plate, on the menu, as a belly band wrapped around the menu or simply printed on the menu. Choose a different colour for your place cards as well, to take advantage of complementing your table decor with your overall wedding style.