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3 ways to ask your guests to RSVP

3 ways to ask your guests to RSVP

Asking your guests to RSVP to your wedding is one of the most important functions of your invitation suite.

Without your guests RSVP replies, you are going to have a hard time planning the details of your wedding and finalising the numbers for your venue, caterer, table settings, seating arrangements & table stationery items.

Below are 3 different ways you can request your guests to RSVP in your invitation suite.

RSVP Card with reply envelope

My personal favourite. It stands out and has the room for your guests to include everything you need them to answer, such as:

  • Their names
  • Whether they can attend or not
  • Dietary requirements
  • Other requirements such as confirming transport options or accommodation details
  • Requesting their favourite songs to be played on the dance floor

Add this card with a stamped self-addressed envelope for your guests to be able to post their attendance status back to you quickly.

RSVP Postcard with a stamp

Just like the standard RSVP card above, you can design this like a postcard and not bother with the envelope. However, I do still highly recommend you include the postage stamp for the quick return of your guests RSVP response.

RSVP instructions via a details card

You can include the RSVP instructions for your guests to follow via a details card that you include in your invitation suite. The details card can include many other details such as a note on gifts, or details about accommodations close by.

When requesting an RSVP via a details card, be sure to advise them clearly about what they need to tell you, such as their full names and dietary requirements. And make it clear how to RSVP, such as via email, text message or via your wedding website.

There is no right or wrong way, just what works for you!

Until next time.

Bel x