3 guestlist triple checks for your stationer - White Cherry Invitations

3 guestlist triple checks for your stationer

3 guestlist triple checks for your stationer

3 things to check on your guestlist before sending it off to your stationer!

1. Check all spelling

Make sure guest names, titles and addresses are correctly spelt. Double-check names on Facebook and addresses on Google if you aren't sure and feel uncomfortable checking with the guest directly.

2. Make sure Proper Case is used

Ensure ALL names and addresses use proper case, which means all names and street addresses have the first letter capitalised. However, keep an eye out for specific surnames which have additional capitalisation such as Claire McClintock or a 2 part surname where the first part of the surname is all lower case such as Vincent van Gogh

3. Ensure suburbs, states and postcodes are included in your guest's addresses

With White Cherry Invitations, your guest names and addresses will be printed on the envelopes for free! This means you will need to submit the full addresses of your guests via the guest list template provided to you. Please make sure each address includes the suburb, the state (this is missed often) and the postcode.