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10 reasons why you need place cards

10 reasons why you need place cards

When it comes to your wedding, the role of your stationery is first and foremost a functional one.

The save the date cards and invitations prepare your guests with the finer details for your upcoming wedding day, your reception stationery helps inform your guests of what they need to know on the day.

If you have assigned seating for your wedding day below are the reasons why you need them displayed on your guest tables.

If you have a cocktail (standing) wedding, there is no need to read further. Place cards are not necessary for cocktail wedding receptions. 

10 reasons why you need place cards 

1. They guide your guests where to sit.

You will spend hours creating the guest seating chart, deciding exactly who will sit where, and the quickest and easiest way for your guests to know where they are sitting, is by finding their place card on their assigned table.

2. Your guests don't want to 'decide' where to sit.

Free seating is a thing and its totally fine to do, but it is known that guests would actually prefer to be told where to sit to avoid the awkward decision process of not knowing if they should sit at a certain table or have to choose who to sit with.  

Check out this recent poll where 93% of people said they would prefer to be told where to sit at a wedding, instead of having to choose themselves. 

3. Assigned seating will save you money

Further more to point 2, if you don't allocate place settings for each and every guest, they will tend to spread out if they are left to their own devices. This will cause for random seats to be left vacant on each table which means you will need more tables to accommodate the over spill. This means more linen, cutlery, floral arrangements etc.

4. Assigned seating helps you plan where your guests will sit

i.e. you can make sure the loud, rowdy friends are at the back of the room and even close to the bar! Knowing that's where they will have the most fun.

And on the same note, seating your guests with place cards will ensure your close family are seated at tables closest to the bridal table and the VVIP's such as your parents or grandparents are sitting in seats that are going to have the best view of you! 

5. Place cards make it personal

Place cards are the first personal welcome your guests will see when they sit down to have dinner with you at your reception. There is always something nice about seeing your name placed on a table setting, knowing that this is where you will be based for the evening and where you'll pop your bag down or which chair to hang your jacket on.

6. They help guests get to know other guests

Your guests will be mingling all night and its a great way to remember someone's name when you first meet them. Even better for when a guest has forgotten someone's name who they should already know and it helps them avoid the awkward moment of trying to remember their name.

7. Don't forget the bridal table

There is something very special when you sit down as the bride and you see your place card with "Bride" written on it. Then you look across and you see your "Grooms" card. Its the only time you will sit down at a wedding reception with Bride & Groom written on your place card. Speaking from experience, it made my heart smile as I sat down in that moment. Seeing the word "Bride" on my place card, weirdly made it all very real.

Photo: KLD Weddings from Shae & Khyls wedding

8. Place cards help identify guests with dietary requirements

This is actually extremely important. Your caterer will rely on your guest place cards to ensure they drop the correct dietary specific meal to the correct person. 

As I always say, a wedding is an event and there is a fair bit to plan, especially when guests are involved. Your RSVP cards will ask if guests have any dietary requirements, and you will need to make a note of these against the relevant guest name in your guest list so your caterer knows who is allergic to nuts or needs to receive a vegetarian meal!

The place card will then ensure that the waiter knows exactly who to give the correct meals to when they are being served.

9. The stop wedding crashers from attending

Now, I am not too sure how often this happens these days BUT if this is a concern for you, allocating each and every guest at their tables will ensure there is no room for a rouge guest to take a seat. 

10. They provide a spot for your suppliers to sit at

Don't forget about your wedding suppliers! They will be on their feet ALL day servicing your wedding and they need to eat too! So please ensure you have a place for your suppliers to sit down for a quick break such as your photographer(s), videographer(s), DJ/band, wedding coordinator(s), etc

I hope the above has helped you with the planning of your guest place cards and as always if you have any questions at all, please email Belinda at hello@whitecherryinvitations.com.au to chat. 

Until next week!

Bel x