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4 questions answered about the RSVP card

4 questions answered about the RSVP card

The RSVP card is probably one of the most important elements of your wedding invitation set and I am going to help you understand a bit more about why you need the RSVP card and what information you need to capture, what reply date you should set and also share with you the different types of RSVP cards you can have within your invitation suite. 

The reason why I am so passionate about the RSVP card is because I have a strong background in event planning where I was an Operations Manager for an international events company before I did what I do now. I also planned my entire wedding right down to the helicopter landing on the run sheet & assigning guests to the correct buses at the end of the night. 

Because your wedding is effectively an event, it means that you need a high level of focused attention to detail and to know how all of the small pieces fit to make the bigger picture. This is where the RSVP card fits in when it comes to managing your guests.

Why do you need an RSVP Card?

There is a lot of information you can obtain from your guests returning their RSVP card.

Details you are going to need to know to plan for are:

  • confirm your total guest numbers with your venue / caterer
  • provide a list of everyone with a dietary requirement, including a location to where they are sitting
  • confirm your guest seating table allocations (who is sitting with who and where)
  • advise your stationer all of your guest names so you can order your guest place cards 
  • advise your stationer how many guest/table menus you will need
  • work out how many tables, chairs, table clothes, napkins, cutlery & glasses you will need to hire (if your venue doesn’t provide them)
  • know how many guest favours to order 
  • know where your guest accommodation locations to arrange transport pick up/drop off locations


What date should you set for your RSVP reply date?

I always suggest that you request a reply date approximately 4-6 weeks before your wedding. 

If you have a wedding that is being heavily affected by changing restrictions then you might be able to push this back to 2-3 weeks before your wedding but this isn't ideal for normal planning and really should only be considered if you find yourself sending out last minute invitations in an ever changing environment of restrictions due to COVID-19.

4-6 weeks will give you enough time to follow up any guests who don’t reply in time to plan the tasks above and without stressing out too much before your wedding day arrives.

What to include on the RSVP card?

The below guest information captured on the RSVP card will provide you with all of the answers you need to tackle the above tasks.

  • The RSVP return date
  • Guest details such as 
    • Full names (including names for any plus 1’s)
    • Dietary requirements
    • Mobile Phone Number
    • Email Addresses
  • The guest attendance status options
  • A song request if you’d like to personalise your dance floor playlist
  • Guest accommodation locations if you have bus transportation to organise
  • Guest transportation seat allocations and from what destinations
  • Guest attendance for any pre or post wedding events you are hosting

This may also be the discreet location to mention that your wedding is an adult only affair or if you need to know anything more regarding Covid-19 Restrictions

What are the different styles of RSVP cards that can be used?

There are many different ways you can add an RSVP card to your wedding invitation set that will ensure it matches aesthetically but also be functional, and they are;

A standard landscape or portrait card with a reply envelope

 landscape RSVP card with reply envelope

portrait RSVP card with reply envelope

A custom made RSVP card to fit your invitation design



An RSVP postcard, omitting the need for a reply envelope.


RSVP details mentioned within a details card where guests would reply to you via mobile or email.


I hope you found this helpful with planning your RSVP cards.

As always, if you have any questions - please contact me directly via email at hello@whitecherryinvitations.com.au and I'll get right back to you!

Until next time ...

Bel x