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Should parents names go on the invitation?

Should parents names go on the invitation?

Should you include your parents' names on your wedding invitation?

This means you include both sets (or one set) of parents' names at the top of the invitation, within the host line.

For example:

Mr & Mrs Bride's Parents' Names
together with
Mr & Mrs Grooms Parents' Names

Request the pleasure of inviting you to celebrate the marriage of their children.......

Here are some common scenarios when a couple may include their parents' names on their invitations.

1. Traditional Weddings
In traditional weddings, it is customary to include the names of both sets of parents at the top of the invitation. This acknowledges their role as hosts and reflects the formal nature of the event.

2. Parental Financial Contributions
If one or both sets of parents are contributing significantly to the wedding expenses, it is considerate to include their names as hosts on the invitation.

3. Divorced or Remarried Parents
When parents are divorced or remarried, the inclusion of their names can vary depending on family dynamics and preferences. Some couples may find it too difficult to include everyone's names if they have remarried, so an alternative to this is to write "Together with their families" and have the voice of the invitation coming from the couple.

4. Cultural and Religious Traditions
In some cultures or religions, it is customary to include the parents' names on wedding invitations, regardless of financial contributions.

5. Gesture of Respect & Gratitude
Couples may choose to include their names as a gesture of respect and gratitude whether or not their parents have expressed their wishes to be mentioned on the invitation.

Please know that wedding etiquette is flexible and it's your wedding at the end of the day, so don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do.

There are no strict rules regarding the inclusion of parents' names. Couples can choose what feels right for them and their specific situation, whether it involves including parents' names, using more summarised wording, or removing the formal host line altogether.