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How to enhance your save the date card

How to enhance your save the date card

Your guest list is finalised, your date is locked in, and the deposit on your dream venue is paid. Now, it’s time to send out those all-important save the date cards.

Traditionally, save the date cards serve the primary purpose of advising your guests to "save the date." However, for certain weddings, especially destination celebrations, you might find the need to convey additional information, such as accommodation options and travel directions.

Here are two effective ways to accomplish this;

1. Include a Details Card:

  • While keeping your save the date card focused on the date itself, consider including a details card. This additional card allows you to share vital information like accommodation details, travel directions, and any other important details.
  • Ensure clarity and conciseness on the details card. Use bullet points or a brief paragraph format to make the information easily digestible for your guests.
  • Choose a card colour to complement the main save the date card

2. Include a QR Code:

  • Plan and design your wedding website alongside your save the date cards. Although all finer details need not be finalised on the website, include the essential information you'd like to share, such as accommodation options or travel directions.
  • Add a QR code to your save the date card, directing guests to your wedding website for comprehensive details. This modern approach not only provides additional information but also adds a tech-savvy touch to your invitations.
  • Include a brief instruction or the website link near the QR code to ensure that guests understand how to use it.

Remember, it's crucial to have your guest list 100% finalised before sending out your save the dates. This initial communication sets the tone for your wedding, and failing to follow up with a formal wedding invitation could be perceived as rude.

Whether you choose to include a details card or integrate a QR code, adding more than just the date to your save the date cards is a great way to keep your guests well-informed and excited about your upcoming nuptials.