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Guest Names: Invitation vs. Envelope Etiquette

Guest Names: Invitation vs. Envelope Etiquette

Did you know that your guest names should be written differently on your invitations vs. your envelopes?

They need to be written differently as they each have a different tone to how they are read.

The guest's name written on a wedding invitation allows you to have the freedom of creating a personal connection by only using first names such as John or Mary. If you are inviting multiple people on an invitation, mention all names separately to be clear about who you are inviting.

However, when addressing your invitation envelopes for posting, utilize titles and last names for a formal touch, such as 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If you are sending an invitation to a family, you can address it to 'The Smith Family'.

In a nutshell, creating wedding invitations is a chance to blend your personality into every detail. 

Invitations let you get nice and personal, using first names like you've known them forever. But when it's envelope time, a touch of formality with titles and last names gives your invites that classic charm. These little touches make sure your wedding starts off on the right foot – a perfect blend of tradition and your own special style.