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FAQs your wedding guests want to ask you

FAQs your wedding guests want to ask you

Your wedding day is also known as an event, or party, or celebration, some even might say a performance. There is a lot involved with planning a wedding, especially because there are guests involved. 

And just like any event, guests will need to know certain details to assist with their attendance. As soon as they receive your invitation, they will want to start planning.

They will have questions they will need to know the direct answers too, such as the time of the ceremony and the actual date and location, but they will also have other questions that they will wonder about.

Your guests won't necessarily want to ask you any of these questions either because they might think they are trivial or they don’t want to bother you. However, they will secretly hope they will be able to figure out the answers by reading your wedding invitation, information card or wedding website if you have one. 

See below a list of the frequently asked questions your guests may have about your wedding day and where you can provide the answers.

The obvious details your guests will need to know are:

- The date of the wedding

- The time of the ceremony

- The time of the reception

- The location of the ceremony venue

- The location of the reception venue

These are all mentioned directly on your wedding invitation

Then there are the not so obvious questions your guests will have as they immediately start planning their attendance at your wedding.

Q: What do I wear, is there a dress code?

Add your dress code to the invitation

Q: What kind of shoes should I wear?

Is it a beach wedding or an outdoor wedding on a property?

Q: Will I be standing around in the grass for the ceremony/reception and will I need to wear ‘heel stoppers’?

This could possibly be a question you add to your wedding website if you are having an outdoor wedding predominately held on grass.

Q: What will the weather be like at that time of year? Will it be cold or hot?

Guests can research this based on the date of your wedding the location

Q: Will the ceremony and/or reception be indoors or outdoors?

Based on the venues mentioned on your invitation it might be obvious if the venue is indoors, however, if you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception it might be a good idea to add this question to your wedding website so guests can plan to wear sunscreen, different shoes or bring a coat for extra warmth at night.

Q: Is there a wedding theme to determine what I wear?

Add this to your dress code on your invitation

Q: Are children welcome?

This can be a sensitive subject. I would add a short line to your RSVP card if you prefer not to invite children to your wedding. See different wording options here for advising that kids are not invited

Q: Can I bring a date?

On your invitation, list clearly the names of everyone invited and if you need to take it one step further, add an option on the RSVP card which states you only have 1 seat reserved for them.

Q: How do I get to the venue(s)

Under the name of the venue for your ceremony or reception on your wedding invitation, the address should be written. If it isn't easy to get directions via your phone or map navigation app, then a separate map card might be needed

Q: Where do I park and will I need to pay for it?

Advise this on an information/directions card within your invitation suite

Q: Do I need to book accommodation?

If you are hosting a destination wedding, then add accommodation details on an accommodation card within your invitation suite

Q: Where should I book accommodation?

As above

Q: Is transport organised?

If you are arranging transport to and from any hotels to any wedding related venues, then make sure you add this to an information card advising so. You may also want to request via the RSVP card if your guests will be intending to use the transport provided.

Q: What time do I need to arrive for the start of the ceremony?

By stating the time of your ceremony on the invitation, this indicates the commencement time of your ceremony. It is then generally expected that a guest should arrive at least 15 mins before the start time.

Q: What do I buy as a wedding gift?

By adding a wishing well card or a gift registry card inside your wedding invitation suite, this will help your guests know what to get you for a wedding gift.

Q: When do I need to RSVP by?

Advise this date on your invitation

Q: Do I RSVP via a card or can I RSVP via text, email or online?

By adding an RSVP card and return envelope, this explains to reply via the card in the post. If you are open to receiving responses via text, email or via a website online - simply mention this on the RSVP card or on an information card.

Q: Do I need a stamp to post back my RSVP card? 

If you send RSVP cards and accompanying self-addressed envelopes for your guests to use to reply with, it would be courteous of you to apply a postage stamp too. Not many people have lone stamps laying around the house these days. 

Q: Will there be any vegetarian/vegan/glutenfree/special diet meals available?

Mention on the RSVP card that you require your guests to provide you with any dietary requirements that they might have so you can inform your caterers. 

Q: Where do I go between the ceremony & reception?

If you have a suggested informal place for your guests to go between your ceremony & reception, then add this question to your wedding website to advise them.

If you have a formal location planned for your guests to wait between the ceremony & reception, then mention this on your main invitation.

Q: What type of reception is it? (Sit down or cocktail?)

If you are having a seated reception, generally you don't need to mention that it is a sit-down meal. However, if you are having a cocktail stand up reception, you can state that the “cocktail reception will commence at 6:00pm” which will then advise the guests what to expect.

Q: What food will be served?

If you feel people need to know what they are going to eat on the night, then you could add this to your wedding website. 

Some couples like to take their guest's main meal choices via the RSVP card so they can plan their meals and prepare their caterers prior to the wedding night. 

Q: Is the reception near the ceremony location?

With the addresses of both locations mentioned on the invitation, a quick google map search will advise the guest of the answer to this question.

Q: How long is it between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception?

This is a little hard to pinpoint as it depends on the ceremony. Wedding ceremonies tend to go for 30 - 45 mins, so with a bit of maths using the start times provided on the invitation for the ceremony and the reception - guests can figure out how much time they have between the formal functions to have a social drink somewhere or check into their night's accommodation. 

Q: What time does the reception finish?

This is a good question which isn't normally advised. If you have a set time that your wedding venue requires everyone to leave by, then possibly add a finish time to your wedding invitation.

Or simply add an approximate finish time to your wedding website. 

Q: Are there any other related events before or after the wedding day?

If you are having pre-wedding drinks or a post-wedding brunch, mention this on a separate information card. You might also like to request their attendance at these events via your wedding RSVP card.

Q: Can I take photos?

If you don't want your guests to take photos, you will need to be clear about this. Either add it to an information card within your wedding invitation suite, mention it on your wedding website or provide signage at your ceremony advising your wishes.

Q: Can I post photos and videos to social media?

As above

Now as you can see, most of these questions can be answered by your guests reading between the lines. 

But isn't it interesting to see just how many thoughts or questions may go through your guest's minds as they prepare for your big day? 

If anything it is exciting to know just how much they are looking forward to attending by ensuring they have everything under control to enjoy your wedding day to the best of their ability. 

If you feel like there is something missing to this list, please don't hesitate to comment below for others to see!

Until next time, happy wedding planning!

Bel x

Frequently asked questions your wedding guests will want to ask you