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5 important wedding invitation details to include

5 important wedding invitation details to include

When creating your wedding invitations, don't forget to include these!

1. Your full wedding date
Including the day, date, month and year! Eg. Saturday, 25th November 2023

2. The times of your ceremony & reception
You must mention the start time of your wedding ceremony. If you want people to arrive early but don't want to add a lot more text, simply say that the wedding ceremony commences at 3:00pm. If you want to state an earlier ceremony start time, then I suggest a time no earlier than 15mins before your official start time.

It's always a great idea to mention the start time of your reception, even if it's at the same venue. Guests like to know how long the interval is. If you are hosting canapes & drinks during the interval I would definitely add this to your invitation too.

3. Venue Addresses
Be sure to include the street address for both your ceremony & reception locations. If you are having both the ceremony and reception at the same venue, then you only need to mention the venue name and address once.

4. RSVP Date
In my opinion, the RSVP date is the most important thing to include. Set the date for at least 6 weeks before your wedding date to allow time to chase for late replying guests.

5. RSVP Contact
Clearly state how your guests can reply to your wedding. Don't assume because you know everyone that they can simply get in touch with you. Have all replies funnel into one place - trust me, your future planning self will thank you!

Everything else such as the dress code, the wishing well, a note about kids and general directions can go on a details card and not on the main invitation.