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4 ways to include colour in your wedding invitations

4 ways to include colour in your wedding invitations

How to include colour in your wedding invitations?

You might know what colour your bridesmaid dresses will be, or what type of colour palette your floral will be, but how do you incorporate your colour theme into your stationery without it being too much or too little?

There are a few ways to include your main wedding colour or even a palette of colours to really set the tone of your wedding theme. 

The Invitation Card

This will really make your colour pop! It will be the first thing your guests will notice when they open the envelope.

There are so many beautiful different card stock colours available that finding one to suit your theme won't be hard.  

Invitation trends are all about those bold and bright colours for the invitations, so don't be shy if you really want to bring your colour through.

White Ink printing also allows you to have a dark card stock such as black, navy, harvest or seedling for your stationery. The text really stands out in white ink printing against a dark card stock as is very popular amongst couples.

The Envelopes

Personally, I believe all envelopes should be a shade of colour, even if subtle, so it really pops in your guests letterbox.

These days the only letters people receive in their letter boxes are bills or junk featuring the gorgeous and cheap office white envelopes.

As soon as your guest sees a coloured, quality envelope in their letter box, they instantly know it for something fun. 

With 55 x envelope colours to choose from, there is a lot of fun to be had.

Fun fact: All of the invitations you see online at White Cherry Invitations INCLUDE a coloured envelope with FREE guest name and address printing. 

The Insert Cards

If you don't want to have a strong dose of colour in your main invitation card, then you can keep this neutral and introduce your wedding colour in your insert cards such as the RSVP card, the wishing well card or the details card.  

This is also a great opportunity to showcase a secondary colour if you have one. Such as blush for Navy, or nude for a dusty rose. 

The Belly Band

If you select to have a belly band that wraps around your invitation suite, this can be the perfect way to include your wedding colour whilst keeping your invitation and insert cards neutral. 

This is also a great place to showcase a possible secondary colour.   



The choice is yours

So as you can see, you can fully customise your invitation suite in all of the colours you like.

They can be colours to suite your wedding colour theme, or colours to complement your wedding venue aesthetics. There really are no rules. 

Get creative and have fun with how you want your invitations to be presented.


I hope that helps you with your invitations and colour options.

Until next time

Bel x