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Wedding invitation myths explained!

Wedding invitation myths explained!

When it comes to planning your invitations for your wedding, there are some common myths out there that I felt needed some explaining.  

Myth 1: The Invitation must match your wedding theme.

No it most certainly does not have to match your wedding theme!

If you have a wedding theme or decided colour palette, then yes, you can incorporate this into your wedding invitations.

However, if you don’t have a theme or colour palette confirmed at the time you create your invitations, this is fine and quite normal. Also if you don’t want to share your colour palette then this is fine too.

In this case, you can choose a neutral colour for your invitations which will allow you to complement a theme/colour palette you decide on in the future.

Myth 2: The wedding invitation will just be thrown out!

Well yes, most of your guests will throw them out, but not all of them will. Those close to you will keep them as keepsakes.

However, the main point behind this myth is the fact that it won't be thrown out immediately. Your wedding invitation is one of the few elements that actually has quite a long shelf life for your wedding.

The invitation is the bible to your wedding day. So much information & direction is contained in the wedding invite. Without it, your guests would be lost.

Once it is received, it will be referred back to multiple times for the following reasons, to name a few;

  • To send back the RSVP
  • To check the dress code when it's time to go outfit shopping
  • To plan the gift they intend to give you
  • To check the time they need to arrive for the ceremony
  • To know if they need to arrange accommodation or travel for a destination wedding or transport to a local wedding

There is sooooo much more that a guest needs to know about your wedding which is subconsciously answered via your invitation.

See this blog here going into more detail.

Myth 3: Invitations are expensive

If you think they are just a piece of paper & an envelope that you use in general life, then yes invitations will seem expensive. But, you see, they are not just a piece of paper and envelope from your top drawer.

They include so much more than that, such as;

  • The software & skill to design all of the wording, including the font styles and how they fit on the invitation
  • The material used in professional invitations is of a high quality, much better than what you can find at your local office supplies store.
  • The printers required to print on the high end card stocks & papers are not found inside the regular home office. Laser digital printing on certain thicknesses does require special printers.
  • The time to merge all personalised data such as guest names and their addresses on the envelopes. No handwriting here!
  • All cutting & assembly, this takes soooooo much time!
  • The tools to cut, stick and layer the different papers and cardstocks.

So once you take all of that into account, the price will most probably seem quite affordable, knowing that you wont have to do all of that.

This brings me to my next point.

Myth 4: I'll make them myself, it will be easy and cheaper.

If you are a creative person, then this might be something you want to do for your wedding and I say “GO FOR IT”.

As mentioned in the above point, it may not be easy, but if you are naturally creative, then the project might be fun for you!

With regards to it being cheaper? Other than calculating your time, and your bridal party’s time to make them, the cost of the materials and tools can add up when you are buying everything.

Just keep in mind that you will need to buy the following;

  • Quality paper, cardstock & envelopes
  • Have the ability to print on thick card stock. Home laser printers don't generally allow this, so you will need to find a local printer who will print for you.
  • Have the design program to create your invitations in, Microsoft word can get a bit fiddly.
  • The guillotine to cut your invitation and insert cards once they are printed.
  • Any glues you may need for layering or assembly. Also knowing which glues to get for which part of the invitation creation.

Myth 5: The wedding invitation wording must be formal.

Not at all, if you are having an extremely formal wedding then yes of course, including wording that is formal will suit your wedding.

But if you are having a relaxed outdoor wedding with guests in cocktail dresses and barefoot dancing, then your wording can be more relaxed!

It all depends on your wedding theme and the vibe you want to create.

Myth 6: Your wedding invitation should be ivory and classic.

Today’s trend for wedding styles and themes are strongly influenced by the couple and their personality. Gone are the days where weddings are all white, bling and contain traditional elements such as 3 tier cakes, ball gown wedding dresses, white florals & pops of blue throughout the reception.

Don’t get me wrong, this traditional wedding theme is still very popular, but it is not expected to “be done” any more.

Strong colour themes are now extremely popular and couples are showcasing very unique elements on their wedding day to ensure their own personal style is present. This could include helicopter surprise landings, a leather jacket for the bride, coloured smoke for photos, NOT throwing the bouquet or having lengthy speeches.

And because the invitation is the first impression for your guests about what to expect on your wedding day, strong colours and themes are now frequently seen in the wedding invitations.

Myth 7: It would be easier if I just emailed my invitations

It might be easier for you to email your wedding invitations to your guests, however it may not be easier for the guests to receive the invitation for your wedding.

As a guest, when you receive an electronic wedding invitation via email the following hurdles may be encountered.

  • The emailed invitation may get lost in a busy inbox
  • Generally only one person in the couple or family will receive the email or have access to the invitation which makes it difficult for the other person to access the message when they want to. Such as for dress shopping, wanting to revisit details such as timings & locations, responding to the RSVP and gift registry details.
  • It is also hard to set the tone and first impression for what to expect on the wedding day.

Myth 8: That you need an invitation for every guest

This is a common mistake more than anything.

The good news is that you only need an invitation for every couple, family or household.

Generally this equates to 50-60% of your total guest count. So if you have 100 guests, you will only need to order 50-60 invitations.

Myth 9: You don’t need to send invites to your bridal party

It is common courtesy to send your bridal party & immediate family their own formal invitation to your wedding, even if they know a lot of the details associated with your big day.

Remember these are also the people who will most likely keep your invitation as a keepsake.

Myth 10: You should always include a plus one

Oh no, absolutely not at all.

These days, guest numbers are already tight enough with current restrictions for weddings affecting the amount of people that can attend.

Only extend a plus-one invitation to:

  • a guest who might be on their own and not know anyone other than you or someone in the bridal party
  • guests who are married, engaged or in a relationship

TIP: to avoid guests thinking that they are entitled to bring a plus 1, be clear who you are inviting on your invitation by clearly stating the names of each guest.

Myth 11: The bride or groom’s parents should be mentioned on the invitation

Traditionally the bride's parents are mentioned in the host line of the invitation, as they are either hosting the wedding or contributing financially.

In recent years, however, couples have chosen to mention both the bride and groom’s parents in the host line at the top of the invitation as a gracious notion, no matter who contributes what.

It is however, also common for couples to omit both of their parents names on the invitation and include a relaxed host line such as “Together with their families” or “Couples names, invite you to attend their wedding”

Myth 12: You should only use white envelopes!

The trends for stationery these days have a strong focus on coloured envelopes, to match the theme and style of the wedding ahead.

What better way to brighten up your guests' letter boxes with a fresh and exciting first impression for your wedding.

Bills and unwanted mail is generally delivered in a white envelope, so if you can use colour, I highly recommend it!

Tip: All of White Cherry Invitation sets include coloured envelopes as standard to match the invitation. Colours can be changed at no extra charge too.

I hope you found this helpful with planning your wedding invitations.

As always, if you have any questions - please contact me directly via email at and I'll get right back to you!

Until next time ...

Bel x