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10 wedding invitation & stationery hacks you need to know!

10 wedding invitation & stationery hacks you need to know!

Ill get straight to the point!

1. You only need to order 50% - 60% of your total guest list quantity
- yep you only need half the amount of invitations for the total number of guests you have

- that’s because your guests will be mainly in couples or families and when you put your whole list together it averages out that you only need to order 50%-60% invitations of your total guest count
-  so order an invitation per mailing address, not per guest

2. Combine your place cards and guest menus
- by adding the guest name to the top of the menu and eliminate the need for individual place card

3. Save room at each guest place setting
- only have the guests place card & favour at their actual place setting 
- for the menus, have 2 x tri fold menus per table and not for each guest

4. Include an RSVP postcard
- instead of the traditional RSVP card AND RSVP reply envelope
- this will save you the cost of the RSVP reply envelope

5. Know how much your invitation will cost to post to your guests
- invitations smaller than 13cm x 24cm (& 5mm thick) in size cost $1.00 to post with Australia Post. Larger invitations such as the 16cm x 16cm square invitations cost $2.00 to post

6. Double up your guest favours to also be your guest place cards
- with the tags on each favour including your guest names

7. Add a postage stamp to your RSVP reply envelope or RSVP postcard
- to ensure your guests return them....... promptly too!
- this will save you so much stress and time when you have everyone's response and you can commence planning the seating chart and dietary requirements for your caterer instead of spending the time following everyone up

8. Make your RSVP date 4-6 weeks before your wedding date
- no one really thinks about the tasks you will need to do once you have your RSVP's returned
- by giving your guests a deadline of 4-6 weeks before your wedding date, this will give you time to

  • follow up any guests who haven't replied
  • so you can finally get started on your seating chart
  • compile the total qty of guests INCLUDING all of the dietary requirements for your caterer / venue
  • provide your final guest list to your stationer to create your place cards, guest favour tags or personalised menus

- the more time you have, the less stressful the above tasks will be

9. When sealing your envelopes, use a glue tape
- no one wants to lick envelopes these days (especially not 50 - 100 of them)
- using a wet cloth could cause a rippled/bubbled look on your envelopes 
- I personally suggest a roll on double sided tape such as the Balune Glue Tape Dispenser & Refill. It is so easy to use, is applied dry and seals your envelopes shut with no fear of opening
- purchase your dispenser & refills here. Each refill will seal approx 50 wedding invitation envelopes (based on the 16cm x 16cm sized envelopes)

10. Take a photo on your wedding day with a banner that says "thank you"
- then use this photo in your thank you cards
- or just have in mind the type of photo you want to capture to go inside your thank you cards and brief your photographer accordingly
- also think about whether the image will be portrait or landscape