Kids Craft Pack - White Cherry Invitations

Kids Craft Pack

INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING - Regular Parcel Postage Australia Wide

Keep the kids occupied during lockdown, whilst on school holidays or at home on a rainy day with a craft pack featuring a variety of high-quality metallic paper and cardstock offcuts, a selection of A4 sheets of patterned and plain coloured paper, a rainbow selection of ribbon strips, envelopes, stickers and so much more.

Every pack is slightly different and will have a variety of different paper patterns and colours based on what is available but every order will have the same variety of pieces, ribbons, envelopes etc to ensure every order gets the same value. 

Each pack is $20 including FREE SHIPPING

Let the kid's imagination run wild! Craft is always a time killer and the best thing, it never gets all used up at once so it keeps on giving, the next day and the next day and the..... you get the idea!

All you will need to have at home is scissors, pens/pencils/crayons and glue to make the ultimate craft set up for your little ones!

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