$1.20 Postage Stamps - Australia Only - White Cherry Invitations

$1.20 Postage Stamps - Australia Only

Add a $1.20 postage stamp to your order if you require them for the following items

- RSVP postcards
- RSVP reply envelopes
- Invitations (130mm x 190mm in size or smaller)
- Thank you cards (130mm x 190mm in size or smaller)
- Save the date cards  (130mm x 190mm in size or smaller)
- Engagement invitations  (130mm x 190mm in size or smaller)

Included in the price is a 10% application fee.

Please note that stamps are to be ordered alongside an order of invitations. Stamps ordered on their own will be refunded.

For larger invitations (160mm x 160mm in size), a $2.40 stamp is required per invitation.

Calculate how many you need and add to your cart accordingly.

THE STAMP DESIGN will be as per availability from Australia Post. 
Please note that the design of the stamp will be as per the latest designs from Australia Post at the time of your order and what is available to White Cherry Invitations to order. 

Wedding favourable themed stamps will always be a priority when selecting the stamps for your suite.

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