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Why the RSVP card is so important!

Why the RSVP card is so important!

There is nothing more unsettling than planning your wedding and not knowing who will be there. 

It’s one thing to invite your guests, its another trying to plan an entire wedding from booking your venue, securing the photographer, ordering your catering and deciding who is going to sit where... all of which depends on your guest count.

Therefore the RSVP or response card is nearly as important as the wedding invitation itself! 

Whilst you may not be thinking in detail about what you will be doing in the weeks leading up to your wedding, I'm here to help you see how the RSVP card plays a very important role in the tasks you need to complete at this time. 

You will need to know
  • who is attending
  • who is not attending
  • their full names
  • the full names of any plus 1's if you have invited them
  • any dietary requirements
  • meal selections (if applicable) 
Because you will need to
  • confirm your total guest numbers with your venue / caterer
  • provide a list of everyone with a dietary requirement, including a location to where they are sitting
  • confirm your guest seating table allocations (who is sitting with who and where)
  • advise your stationer all of your guest names so you can order your guest place cards
  • advise your stationer how many guest/table menus you will need
  • work out how many tables, chairs, table clothes, napkins, cutlery & glasses you will need to hire (if your venue doesn’t provide them)
  • know how many guest favours to order 
Optional Information you can request on the RSVP card
  • a song request so you can compile a list of favourites for your DJ / Band
  • where your guests might be staying the night if you have bus transportation organised
  • whether your guests will need a seat on any bus transportation you may have organised
  • this may also be the discreet card to mention that your wedding is an adult only affair
  • if you are holding a pre or post wedding event and they need to confirm their attendance 
Something to remember
  • please keep in mind those who don’t have access to a mobile phone, email or the internet (such as your grandparents), as they will rely on an RSVP card to confirm their attendance
  • to pop a postage stamp on the return envelope for a prompt response

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Until next time 
Bel x

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