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COVID-19 and your wedding invitations

COVID-19 and your wedding invitations

Firstly, if you are reading this, I hope you and your family are safe & well.

It’s safe to say that we are all living an emotional rollercoaster at the moment with the coronavirus (COVID-19) changing the way in how we live, celebrate and entertain ourselves.

As we are all hearing about COVID-19 coronavirus on the news, on social media and amongst family & friends, my heart especially goes out to the couples who are trying to understand how this affects their weddings.

And if you are reading this blog, it’s most probably affecting you, especially if you are considering the reality of cancelling or postponing your wedding after many months, if not more than a year of planning!

What you need to know about wedding invitations and stationery if your wedding is affected by COVID-19.

Whether you still need to book your wedding, are finding yourself needing to postpone your wedding or if you need to change the date of your wedding, please see below some ideas of what you could do.

Do you need to postpone your wedding?

Currently, in Australia, wedding services of more than five people are banned until the 23rd of June 2020. However, there is a lot of mention in ministerial press conferences that restrictions may be “in place for six months” so this could affect weddings right up until October.

Therefore couples who are getting married in Australia between now and June 2020 are postponing their weddings to a future date. For weddings taking place from July 2020 onwards, unfortunately, there is still some confusion as to what to do.

If your wedding is taking place this year, I would suggest the following.

Get in contact with your venue.
They will take the lead in whether or not they will be in operation to host your wedding on your wedding date.

Contact your wedding suppliers
If you have made the decision to postpone your wedding, the next thing you will need to consider is to contact all of your other wedding suppliers to let them know and discuss postponement plans. You will find that your suppliers will work with you to reschedule to a new date if they are available. A lot of suppliers are finding themselves booking out quickly for 2021 so possibly a weekday wedding is an option.

Inform your guests
Even if you don’t have a new date to postpone too, send your guests a digital notice, email or text message to let them know that your original wedding date will no longer be going ahead.

I have designed

a few different styles of notices here that you are more than welcome to use if you like.

wedding-change-the-date-postponement-announcement wedding-change-the-date-postponement-announcement wedding-change-the-date-postponement-announcement
If you have a new postponement date, I would suggest sending out ‘Change the Date’ cards if you have already sent your invitations to your guests. Your wedding stationer will be able to help you with these, in fact, if you are a White Cherry Invitations client (current or in the future) you will receive FREE Change the Date cards if your wedding is postponed due to COVID-19.

This card acts like a save the date card but can have the ability to include a little bit more info if your ceremony or reception venues need to change.

When should you send your wedding invitations (if you haven’t already)?

This is a hard one because it all depends on when you are getting married, and no one knows when the government mass gatherings restrictions will lift for the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditionally wedding invitations are sent 3 - 4 months before your wedding date; however, with the current uncertainty, I am seeing couples who are getting married in 2020 currently waiting until they know more.

If you have an order in place with your stationer, have a chat with them to pause on creating your wedding invitations until you have a bit more confidence with what is going on.

However, I know that this means you will now feel like you’re in limbo. Your wedding is still going ahead, but there is an unknown for what the future may bring.

In this instance, what I have noticed is that couples have decided to send out save the date cards instead.

Read more below.

Send out save the date cards!

By sending out save the date cards, you can inform your guests about your upcoming wedding date and not worry about sending out the complete invitation suite while you are still a little unsure about whether your wedding will go ahead or not.

The cost of a save the date card costs far less than a complete wedding invitation suite.

It’s kind of like a happy medium in a situation like this.

Then in the case that your wedding needs to be postponed, you know that your wedding invitations have not gone out to your guests with the incorrect wedding details and you don’t need to worry about sending formal ‘change the date’ cards.

Once your new date is confirmed, the invitation acts as the change the date notice.

View save the date cards here

Are you getting married in 2021?

It feels like 2021 is not that far away now, well not in the wedding world at least. See below a plan of attack for your wedding that is planned to take place in 2021.

Send out save the date cards
I would send out save the date cards to your guests, especially as all of the weddings from 2020 will be rescheduling to next year, causing a bottleneck of weddings.

For this reason alone, you will want to let your guests know about your wedding before someone else does.

Order a sample wedding invitation
To start the process of confirming your wedding invitation design. By ordering a sample, you are not locking into any contracts or bookings; you are merely getting a start on the process of planning your wedding invitations.

Request a quote
As the wedding industry has slowed down, for now, wedding suppliers have a lot more time on their hands and welcome the request for quotes to help future couples plan their weddings.

Now is the time to do the administration for your wedding, because as soon as those restrictions lift, you will find the whole wedding industry kick into a new gear. Use this downtime to your advantage.

Please request your FREE quote with White Cherry Invitations here.
I hope this helps provide some reassurance & calm with this part of your wedding & as always, please reach out if you have any questions.

Until next time
Bel x


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