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Bride Interview - Postponed wedding due to COVID-19

Bride Interview - Postponed wedding due to COVID-19

Meet Jacquii from Couture Caddy.

Jacquii was meant to be married today, Friday the 3rd of April 2020.

Due to world events and the current gathering restrictions here in Australia she, unfortunately, had to postpone her wedding to fiance Dave.

See below an interview with Jacquii with regards to how she is feeling and how she has managed the situation of being a bride in 2020 with her wedding affected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When were you planning to get married?
April 3rd 2020

How many guests were you going to have in attendance (if COVID-19 didn’t exist)?
155 guests

Did you choose to postpone your wedding?
Sadly, yes.

Have you chosen a new date for your wedding? Please explain your thought process on this if you have and if not, why you haven’t?
This was by far one of the most gut-wrenching, beyond stressful and heart-breaking decisions we have ever had to make. No part of you wants to postpone your wedding, ever. The logistics behind it is enough, let alone not being to able to marry the love of your life…….finally!

A year of planning, guests coming in all over the world. So many questions come up: Will the same guests that are each so important to you be able to attend the new date?

Soooo much money is already paid in deposits and such, what will happen to the money? Wedding budgets are real and stressful enough. The wedding night suite, the hotels we were getting ready in, the honeymoon, all the bonbonnieres and such that were dated with the original date – what about replacing them? It was honestly something I hope that nobody ever has to experience.

Basically it came down to 2 heartbreaking weeks of guests from overseas and interstate, very close family and friends…..calling or texting every day with their concerns. Like you aren’t stressed out enough with just planning! That slowly turned to more family and friends cancelling……eventually, we called our venue to arrange a meeting to see our options. NEVER thinking we would ever postpone or cancel. We looked at new dates, cried a lot and eventually 2 days after we made our decision the prime minister announced only 100 or less.

You know the rest of the story, it would’ve never have been possible.

Are you considering a date at the end of 2020 or in 2021?
We did choose a new date for the wedding, January 2021.

Are you planning to have the exact same wedding you originally planned? If no, mention why?
A one-year postponement seems far too long, I honestly couldn’t wait. We only looked at dates between Sept – February.

September seemed too soon, would this really all be over in 6 months? Does that give the internationals enough time to reschedule their flights and accommodation?

Have your wedding suppliers assisted you with transferring all deposits and monies paid to a future date?
Yes thank goodness, we were postponing so we have had no problems with vendors pushing our date back and deposits. I can’t speak for couples who cancelled, I think they would’ve lost all their money.

Our vendors were all really lovely about it. The support from vendors and even vendors we didn’t end up going with has been so heart-warming and really helped us through.

What date-specific items did you have organised for your wedding?
Invitations, Bombenieres, Totes Bags for the Bridal Party, Groom Gift, Mother and Father gifts, Guestbook, Ring Box, Champagne Flutes, Wedding Rehearsal Gifts, Welcome Gift Bags, Honeymoon TShirts, Photo Frames…..I can’t even! So much money has gone into this already.

Will you send out new invitations for your new wedding date or will you send ‘change the date cards’ to your guests?
We have sent out new digital Save The Date and Postponement cards that match our invitations.

I am undecided as to whether we will send new invites or not, money-wise I have to think in this climate can we afford it? And is it too heartbreaking! Maybe just one set for the photographer to photograph and a few as keepsakes for the bridal party and close family.

Are you planning to do anything special to signify your original wedding date?
Yes. We’ve made it a whole week. You have to. Surprising each other with little gifts and special dinners all week. We just had such an immense sadness going into this week, we had to do something. Plus we’ve had friends and family sending flowers and little gifts, we have such an amazing support network.

Other than not getting married, what has been the toughest thing you have had to deal with postponing your wedding?
My fiancé and I are very traditional, we have decided to not live together until we got married. This has been the toughest thing!

Has anything positive happened for you during this time?
We have a Saturday wedding now – woohoo! We are going to be the most organised couple ever now cos it was basically all done! Guests who were unable to come before can now make the new date, friends and family who were really close to us.

Especially the overseas guests who were “banned” by COVID are so happy they can be there now. We may also now be able to get the church we always wanted, so fingers crossed this works out!

Do you have any tips to offer other couples in the same situation?
Lean into each other. It may be one of the saddest times in your life, but in the end, you have found your person and have this magic love…….that’s all that matters! You’ll find a way to get married, so don’t worry! That love is what’s important and special.

And finally, have any unique situations occurred that is a direct result in postponing your wedding?

Every wedding has A lists and B lists, so with the wedding being cancelled within a month of the date ....we had already invited both lists!

We now have all the declines that we received for the original date, now possibly being able to attend the new date which is going to result in our wedding being sooooo much bigger than anticipated! So that’s a pretty funny consequence!

Follow Jacquii on Instagram and Facebook as she continues to plan and prepare for her wedding as a bride to be.

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