Australia is burning - 10% of January sales to WIRES - White Cherry Invitations

Australia is burning - 10% of January sales to WIRES

Australia is burning - 10% of January sales to WIRES

This week I am back in the studio, which kicks off a new year full of weddings, business ideas & content planning, and whilst I should be sharing this month's blog about "Wedding stationery items to consider for your wedding" - it just didn’t feel right.

All I can think about are the bushfires ravaging our beautiful country. Every time I open Instagram or Facebook I am consuming posts about the fires and every time I turn on the TV, I go straight to the news channel to see what has happened in the last few hours. 

Whilst I was not directly impacted by the bushfires, we did find ourselves amongst the panic and devastation on the NSW South Coast when we were on Christmas holidays at our family cabin in Kioloa.

We left to come home on New Year’s Eve as planned however we, unfortunately, got stuck in the traffic heading up the coast with so many people trying to leave the area before the wind changed and the New Years Eve fires hit!

It all came across so quickly and the road was closed in front of us.

We went to the local Woolworths in Ulladulla to get some supplies before heading back to the family cabin in Kioloa. That’s when the power went out and mobile/internet reception was cut.

We spent New Years Eve night with our son experiencing smoke sensitivity (coughing and vomiting) to then spending New Years Day in the car, packed and drove to Milton so he could nap in a smoke-free, air-conditioned car. Power and phones were down so the only way to find out any info was being present and in town. The roads were to remain closed, so we returned to Kioloa again being told we were not going to have access to leave for at least 2 days so we went back to Woolworths and grabbed whatever was left on the shelves (closed roads and a trapped coastline, meant no supplies were coming in).

On the 2nd of January, our son woke at 5:30am and with the luck that the power/internet had been restored, we saw that the Princes Hwy was opened to Sydney - by 6:30am we were packed and on our way. After a gold medal short cut in the back of Ulladulla, we made it through the road closures which were only opened for 6 hours or so. Fires flared again at Sussex Inlet which saw the Princes Hwy close again behind us.

11:00am we were home and after writing all of that, it is NOTHING compared to what others have gone/still going through.

Lost lives, lost property, extensive delays, sleepless nights spent in cars, no food and not to mention the efforts of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Police, Volunteers and kind locals who were looking after everyone stranded on the side of the road

I am praying for rain, winds to ease and the end to this inferno we are all suffering.

I have also decided to donate 10% of all purchases made in January to WIRES: Wildlife Rescue to help the millions of animals and wildlife who are injured and displaced at this time. As a country we have already lost HALF A BILLION animals, let’s help those that are alive and need us more than ever.

If you would like to donate directly to those affected by the bush fires, see below a list for you to choose from:

Kookaburra Photo credit: Adam Stevenson


WIRES Wildlife Rescue Emergency Fund

NSW Rural Fire Service

Australian Red Cross

The Salvation Army Australia

Celeste Barber’s Fundraiser (at the time of this post she has managed to raise $40 MILLION)


QLD Rural Fire Brigade

Vic Rural Fire Brigade

Stay safe everyone and for what it is worth, wishing you a safe new year.

Until next time, 

Bel x

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